Leibster Award

Today I was not going to write. My daughter, grandson and I were going to tour Concord and visit with Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, the North Bridge and so many other historical places. So I quickly opened my email and was so “flabbergasted”, (I think that is a good word) to have  the Liebster Blog award bestowed  from Marge who said I “would find ways to uplift your heart and make you smile.” I particularly liked the two words “keen insight” because so often I think I am just rambling along without direction. Thank you Marge for recognizing my effort and the others that you nominated.

Taking a note from you, the Liebster Blog means “beloved” in German and it is indeed an honor to be recognized by fellow bloggers.

“The Liebster Blog Award is designed to bring additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 200 followers. If you receive the award, you should link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate five more blogs. Also, don’t forget to let them know that you nominated them.”

Unfortunately, I have never learned how to display an award nor link back no matter that I am so pleased to have been mentioned. I will try to learn that when I get back to Alabama

My top 5 awards:

MKMercurio.wordpress.com blog: Marge writes about many things. I particularly enjoy reading about her travels and viewing her photos. She invites you into her life to travel along with her and I feel that I am there when I read her blog.

Colder Weather: Rebekah was the first person to find my blog and she read the “whole” thing. That, in and of itself, was an astounding feat. She writes about her native Sweden and I have learned so much from her. Her photographs are awesome and she is what I call “a real person”…one who shares and comments with thoughtful insight. I feel as if we were sitting having coffee and chatting.

Chittlechattle: I met her through Rebekah and many times did not have a clue what she was actually doing and then I caught on and wish I were as artistic…returning over and over to see what she may be up to next.

J9Styleblog.com: This blog is so much fun for me to see what young folk are wearing and she is just to cute for words…and her outfits are stunning. A must see if you want to be wearing the “in” thing for less!

Jeanne Webster who writes from her heart and fills a spiritual need in my life. I look forward to her blog to start each day.

There you have it!

14 thoughts on “Leibster Award

    1. Your presenting me with the award was such a surprise, I really didn’t know whether to reply here or wait for another time. I’m rather new to this blogging sort. Thank you for your kind gesture, Linda, and I do appreciate your friendship. We don’t usually know if our writing is reaching anyone or not, and your comment meant so much. You renewed the spark I needed to infuse life into my writings. May God bless you!


      1. The Liebster Award

        Liebster means ‘beloved’ in German and it’s an honor to receive this award from Linda. The Liebster Blog Award is designed to bring additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 200 followers. If you receive the award, you should link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate five more blogs. Also, don’t forget to let them know that you nominated them.
        There many blogs worthy of this honor, and the following are a just a few I think you will like.
        1. Pam Ford Davis — http://pamforddavis.wordpress.com/
        Pam has been like a younger sister to me and is a prolific writer. She writes devotionals and stories and has a knack of adding humor and old memories to many of her entertaining works. If you go back a few years, like me, you’ll love her stories. She has also worked in radio and broadcasting.
        2. Dicky To — http://dickyto.com/
        Dicky To is a writer that I met on Faithwriters.com., and we became friends through my efforts to proofread his romance novel. He has a passion for writing while mastering the art of Cantonese cooking, a wonderful combination. A native of Hong Kong, he was board certified there as a chef and recently revisited his homeland, bringing back beautiful photos and recipes for us to share. He offers articles and excerpts from his novel also.
        3. Abby Kelly — http://benjity.wordpress.com/
        Abby Kelly is a new friend I found while visiting “tags” on wordpress.com. She is a published Christian author and loves to write for the Lord. Journalism was a major of hers while in college, focusing on creative writing. She writes daily and serves up inspirational topics. Very uplifting and outgoing lady.
        4. Bonnie Dean — http://memorybearsbybonnie.wordpress.com/
        Bonnie Dean is a lady I follow to get my daily dose of inspiration. She is a certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing Assistant and has the deep down caring heart necessary to assist folks through the loss of their loved ones. Her Memory Bears ministry/venture offers a unique way to comfort those in their grief. Visit her blog and be touched with caring and love.
        5. Erik & Sharon — http://sharinhislove.wordpress.com/
        This Christian couple has so much to offer, as I have recently found out. Readers will find Bible study, discussions and much more to enrich one’s spiritual growth. Join me in dining at this one fine blog.

        Thank you again, Linda, for your support. These awards are super avenues to showcase aspiring and inspiring bloggers. Let’s keep on encouraging one another. God’s best.


  1. Congratulations, Linda … In hindsight, I’m even more grateful that I came across this blog and read ‘the whole thing’ LOL. I thought that was cool — the writing without punctuation… the stream..

    Your words about me being a ‘real person’, is absolutely heart-warming!!!

    oh, and by the way … I love the word ‘flabbergasted’ 🙂


    1. Thank you Rebekah…I know “I don’t do awards” but that does not mean those of us who feel like you deserve one cannot give you one 🙂


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