There should be bells tolling; it is September and in my life many things happened. A preview of things to come:

September 5…the beginning of the end of the first marriage after 15 years.

September 9…the beginning of 15 years of a marriage.

September 9…the beginning of a short-lived life of a young beautiful girl…my neice.

September 26…the beginning of a long-lived life of a father.

September 28…the beginning of a long-lived life of a man I married and did not live with for 23 years.

And, many more things in between.

Today I will enjoy the cool New England weather and contemplate what I will say about each of these events.

6 thoughts on “September

  1. apart from 9-11, which over-shadows everything … on a personal level I have a few, not so happy, dates in September. 4 and 19. It’s still my favourite month … September mornings, in particular.


    1. September 11 is one of my friends birthday. I did not list that as it is so overshadowed by the events of that day..
      I, too, like September for all the past woes mostly forgotten.


  2. Oh my, what a month full of anniversaries. I hope you allow yourself some tears when they want to fall and laughter when it’s ready to bubble out. And I too have one of those anniversaries this month. I think I will pour a glass of wine and offer a toast to the good times we shared and then get on with life.


    1. What a great plan…a glass of wine…a toast to all who have a love/hate relationship with September…and on with life.

      Thanks for the great suggestion.


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