Dear Mr. President

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Dear Mr. President,

It is Robbie the Clown. I wrote to previous presidents but to no avail.Nothing changed and nothing has changed. The clowns are even more prevalent in Washington under the big top circus tent. The printing press prints more money as the value of the same money goes down. More cheese is handed out in little known places and even your own family is here illegally. Could you please explain how you let this happen? Can’t you get your own folk to become a citizen, not that they would ever be anything but a hyphenated American but then we have so many Americans that even I would not allow in my circus. I have grown wiser even as clowns go; and not as idealist as I once was. I know I will never have a locker or a key; nor do I want one any more. Those who have these amenities seem not to be the folk I would want to call good circus people…they seem selfish and only look after their own interest. Those people in the building with the big cap have their own health care; raise their own salaries; go on trips at our expense and your family stays in very expensive places that most of my little troupe could never afford and all this on the backs of the small people who pay taxes and work hard every day…trying to follow the laws even though so many of those under the big top never do. There are those in high places who do not pay their taxes; I do. Why and how do they get away with these things? Why are they exempt from the things ordinary people are held accountable for and punished if not done? Why do all of you think you are so superior to the common man; we elected you so I guess we are the foolish ones but surely if we all stand together we can get rid of all of you sooner or later. I do hope so because so many of the ones, including those folk who like to drink tea,truly need to go…perhaps we need an island to send them all to so that they can sort out why they dislike each other or is that just an act as well?

It is very confusing these days; it reminds me of Rome; we have been here 200+ years and I dare say that someone will fiddle as Rome burns once again.

Wishing you well in your run; not that I will vote for you; perhaps I will vote for no one because there is no one of moral character that I find appealing. While everyone is running for this office who is running the country?

Robbie the Clown

7 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President

    1. Dear Jeannie,
      Robbie thinks that perhaps there are a group of powerful men, behind the scenes, that are running the country…this has been hinted at through the ages….and they, these men, put the clowns without greasepaint out front.
      Robbie thinks that the goal is to make the rich more powerful; to turn the country into a dictatorship, like Germany had for awhile and that we, perhaps should all take cover quick.

      You are welcome in our little circus town!

      Robbie the Clown


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