The John F Kennedy Library in Boston MA
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My sister, Clytice, whom you have met in this blog, arrived from Mississippi in Boston on August 24 and then my nephew, Greg, whom you have not met as yet, is here from NY arriving on August 25. Irene arrives tonight and it is comforting to have other adults here to share responsibility for grandson number 2 who is eight (8) years old (we call him T). His parents are in Venice and had their flight cancelled for tomorrow so they arrive on Tuesday after sister and nephew depart, if possible.

Grandson had never met his second cousin; he seems to have just taken him over…of course, nephew has a great personality and is so good with young people. It is to bad  for his first time in Boston he only got to visit the Longfellow House and Walden‘s Pond. Irene took care of any other outings planned, i.e. The John F. Kennedy Library.

I don’t have any photos to post; we put away loose items in the yard; checked in with friends of the Boston family; checked in with friends back home and in NY; hoped everyone would be safe. Greg made a delicious meal; we cleaned the kitchen and Greg read T to sleep again. Daughter 1 called probably not to happy since son 1 was not in bed on time. When a parent is half a world away, I’m not sure who has the best handle on current needs at the moment. But, then, who am I to know? He is her son and I am only the grandmother who should, ought, need follow the three pages of written instructions covering every imaginable situation. It needs to be published as a template for parents who may be leaving their children with relatives, babysitter, nanny, etc. Perhaps I will publish tomorrow…very impressive.

Never was too good at following instructions!

4 thoughts on “Irene

    1. Few limbs down from trees…rain, no flooding…all went extremely well here…no power loss…really nothing but rain.


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