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campaniles, a bell tower; usually stands alone unattached to a building  this morning i was wondering why france venice and other european countries had so many of these towers especially after world war II they may not be there any more i don’t remember seeing any in 2006 however perhaps i was not in the correct countryside in the old days before telephones if anyone remembers that we at one time did not have a cellphone attached to the end of our hand nor did we have one attached to the wall in our house nor did we carry one around if you can remember these days then you may remember that a cow bell or if you were well off enough to own a dinner bell you rang this bell to call workers in from the fields to eat or if you rang it out of time it could be for an emergency there was no 911 only neighbors to help in case there might be an emergency perhaps someone had a vehicle to transport to the nearest doctor which was rare somehow many people survived and thrived to talk about it another day children played without being snatched off the streets food was grown without all the additives added to the animals diet however there was always the ddt used on cotton which spread into every pore of your body making many ill and eventually probably leading to cancer from being exposed during those days of killing boll weevels it is that time again when planes now swoop down over the fields dusting the crops killing the leaves so the mechanical cotton pickers can pick the rows not neatly as we use to do but efficiently perhaps this is best i would not have a clue it just seems that without the media telling us minute by minute blow by blow what is going in the world that there is a lot of clutter dusting our brains from media planes with unnecessary fodder and just perhaps if the media did not feed us so much information or misinformation we might have a clearer image of the world as it is today because it is becoming difficult to sort real from unreal truth from fiction and keep a clear perspective on what value this has i may decide to get rid of all my tvs and listen to pbs except can we trust pbs any longer i dont know the answer and today i simply thought i would write something having been ill since saturday last and having time to think about the importance of life and what my role has been and what it means to know that shakespeare really did make a great statement that is if shakespeare actually wrote shakespeare we all have our fifteen minutes to prance about the stage and i am paraphrasing here and it really is a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing much which also reminds me of william faulkner and his sound and fury and as i lay dying and margaret mitchells gone with the wind which in turn could lead one to think of the help with so many writing for and against so many thoughts to sort out i lived in greenwood as the crew was coming in and had read the book but i lived those times and knew how things were not how people thought they were and isnt that how it always is we reveal ourselves in the manner we want others to perceive us perhaps last but not least i am always reminded when i think of bells of for whom the bell tolls  it tolls for thee by john donne saturday i would have told you i could hear the tolling bells in my head rolling throughout the body as the sun beat down at the edge of a cotton field in a white car beside the road

the bell tower above is in the kremlin i just liked the way it looked

8 thoughts on “campaniles

  1. i’ve heard the bell tolling a couple of times one time it was particularly loud maybe there is a reason why i’m still here i don’t know what that is don’t know what my role is because i haven’t gotten the manuscript to this great play called life in which i’m one of the character actors if people didn’t take themselves so serious all the time and were reminded of how brief our stay here is maybe there would be less squabbles it’s kind of cool to write this way i’m beginning to like it more and more lol


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