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  1. Today, while we were out, I thought of this poem and now came back to re-read it. Thought I had already commented, but apparently that was only in my mind. Love it … ‘to be free is to be lonley’…

    Yesterday I saw an SUV from Huntsville, Alabama… here in Saint John. It’s fun, during the summer season, to see where all the cars are coming from. Also, to think that they have driven all that way..


    1. Thank you. Isn’t it strange that you saw a SUV from Huntsville, AL? but not really, people travel/drive everywhere these days. I have driven to Maine a couple of times, stopping by Boston to stay with my daughter.

      I think seeing an old friend, whom I met to late, brought back some memories long since buried. Another life, perhaps


      1. I don’t seem to have emoticons. Think I will do stream of consciousness again….i like that feel….one where you can write without thinking. Maybe I’ll never go back to good grammar at best.


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