Another Place, Another Time

Images from another time, another place…

flash through my mind…

my eyes blinded by what I could not see then and

now too late….

moments etched in glass reflecting sunlight down through years of tears and regrets…

life lost on what might have been.


Shadows from another place, another time

Sweep the darkness away, back to childhood

when cares did not exist and laughter rung through the bare wooden rich floors

of what appeared to be love..

in a hand-made cabin by the side of the road…

where no one passed

(except the mailman,

and on Sundays

when the neighbors came to church

at Granddaddy’s church).

The dust didn’t have to wait to be settled by the rain…it was settled…as I was.


Realities of today stare coldly back from the mirror…

reflecting a tired face…

with empty eyes.


Dreams gone…

all lost on freeways

and shallow folk

who come and go

without rhyme or reason…

none wondering why eyes are empty

and dreams are gone…

who cares…

and the answer is?

7 thoughts on “Another Place, Another Time

      • How amazing….words and how they evoke the same feelings within kindred spirits. It makes one wonder what is there, within the deep recesses of our brain, tying all of us together. Carl Jung would possibly equate it to the “collective unconsciousness.”


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