Dear Mr. President (#3)

September 28, 1982

Clown Alley

The President

The White House

Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. President,

Hi. It’s Robbie the Clown. I have some good news for you. The other day I was down at the little grocery store on 7th Alley and the old gentlemen were talking about the “housing market.” They discussed at some length the high cost of houses and the overcrowding of apartments. The next day our little circus went on the road for a short run to a distant city. We went on our little circus train. As we rode mile after mile I pondered what the little old men said and then as I watched out the window I saw mile after mile of open land. I talked with some of our older circus friends and they said that there was a lot of open land all across this country. I’m sure, Sir, that you could send out a message about all of this open land and people in the large cities would be so happy. I’m sure they don’t know about all this land, otherwise, why would they crowd and stumble over each other in cities when there is so much space available. Perhaps you could convince the SSI people to give little slips of paper to the Number People that would give a little plot of land to them rather than a book of stamps and a hunk of cheese. I bet they would like that a lot better. That way they could breathe fresh air and grow their own food.

I knew you would want to know, Sir, about this good news. Don’t bother thanking me, Sir…I said I was a good clown and if I could help I would. Your job must be very hard so I’ll keep looking for ways to help you.

Robbie the Clown

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