Dear Mr. President (#2)

The western front of the United States Capitol...

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September 26, 1982

Clown Alley

Mr. President

The White House

Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President:

I hate to bother you again so soon, Sir, but I have another problem. The other day I was walking from the empty field where  I live with the other circus people and I came across a big, big building. It looked like a person with a pot on his head. Being curious, I went inside and there were tall guys chasing each other up and down the floor throwing a ball through a hoop. I over heard them talking about a “strike” as they were resting in a big room with metal boxes where they seem to keep their favorite things. I would like one for my bubble gum cards, the little feather I found on the ground from a red bird and my favorite rocks. It seemed they all had keys. Where do you get a key? They kept on talking about the “strike” and “big money for football players.” I wondered, Sir, why these guys have such a big nice place to play and the children in the doorways are  hungry. Do you know, Sir?

As I pondered these events, I wandered outside and seeing my shoes were dusty I decided I would spend a dime to get them shined at the little stand outside the door to the funny building with the hat on. The nice man talked as he shined away on my big floppy shoes about the “throw-a-way society.” He said something about living in a society that threw people away after they had served their purpose. He must have come from a foreign country because we don’t throw people away, do we Sir? He went on about having made “big money” and “football.” I thought perhaps he was a little fuzzy about what he had done so I gave him an extra dime. Please, Sir, reassure me that people are not thrown away…I’m sure we could use them for something in the circus. Don’t you, Sir?

Once again on our way, Po and I headed home to our own people. We passed a large crowd and I thought perhaps a new circus had come to town but I saw no children…a circus for adults perhaps. There was a man standing on a gaily decorated platform speaking into a gadget that made him seem awfully loud. He promised to find jobs for all and various things if he were “elected.” He said he was running for “Congress.”  What is “Congress” and is that a long way to run? He said that was where the “action” took place and he would represent everybody’s best interest. What do they do at “Congress” and is that a new three ring circus with lots of action? Will he represent me too, Sir? He didn’t ask me what I wanted so how could he represent me? Maybe if I had a number…He said go out and “vote” for him so we wouldn’t lose our “vote.” Do I have a “vote”, Sir? Maybe I lost it without knowing it? Is this a new breed of clown? Clowns Without  Greasepaint? I spent a lot of money for my grease paint. Should I throw it away and spend money buying votes to run for Congress?

Please, Sir, help me..I’m sure if you explained, I could understand.

Robbie the Clown





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