Scarlet Fever

Mother lay on the rickety bed

In the dark back room

Dying from Scarlet Fever.


The doctor had come

and did all he knew

how to do. It was out of

his hands.


The child dreamed, and

saw and heard

Sounds in the air

Pictures on the clouds

Men on the Moon

Golden Bridges

And, four souls waiting

To come back.


The old house heard

her cry

From fever that took

her long black hair

heard her cry

out to all

these things she

did not understand.


The cold wind blew

through the cracks

Soothing the fever

Whispering the answers

to her troubled



Great grandmother, Choctaw Maiden


“You black coarse Indian hair


You will have white man’s hair

and an Indian Soul.

Those four souls are waiting for you

You could escape

from these troubles

My Spirit calls you to


For those four souls will

Touch for Me



Many souls and


good to a

troubled world

Who knows nothing about carpeted forests

glorious flowers, gentle creatures. It is through you that others will be healed

by your touch.”


The child waked,

Fever broken and

asked for


6 thoughts on “Scarlet Fever

    1. My siblings and I contracted scarlet fever. I remember our house was quaranteened and a sign posted on the front door. Friends and family brought us food in boxes and left them at the doorstep. It was a scary time for young’uns.


      1. It must have been real scary for you’ll to have scarlet fever together. Mother was the only one and they had her isolated in the back room of the house. The country doctor had given her off for dead. And, truly when she woke, she said her first words were to ask for: buttermilk. They gave this to her and she improved steadily.


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