One Child

Curled up on the floor
and slept
Innocent of the imminent
danger whirling around
the structure.
His father watched
and worried
“Something bad may happen.”

For seven hours we waited.
Power extinguished
the lights; the food supply


Satellite off track
cell phones no signal,
and land line sure to go.

The outside world lost
it was the family unit
to protect this child–
our future; one voice

to tell the stories

of this day
for years to come.


(c) copyright Linda R. Bourgeois
written while the storms raged during Katrina

4 thoughts on “One Child

    • Unforgettable. Yes…and difficult to imagine the destruction afterwards. The house was not damaged; numerous trees down. My son and grandson were leaving the next day to drive to New Orleans to fly back to California. Needless to say, they flew from Jackson to CA. Hertz said “Drop the car anywhere you choose.” Airlines, the same but there were no flights for days so they stayed. Hard to find gas; ice; anything. I jotted down my thoughts by lamplight like in the old days before electricity. I might rewrite one day.


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