Who Am I

I am not you. I am a unique world of experiences; experiences that no one else had ever had or ever will have. My memories are vivid only to me; my expectations for the future are different from every other creature here in this world. There are things I can do better than anybody else in this world and there are some things that I can do well. There are some things I cannot do, nor will I try to do those things. I cannot know how you feel, your perspectives, your experiences and neither can I expect you to be able to know how I feel, what my perspectives are, and understand my experiences. There is a lot of good in me which struggles to get out; but there is also a lot of anxieties and distrusts which are suppressed but are sometimes expressed. I am a part of all the people I have ever met. I have a right to choose and decide…I have a voice, I have a soul, that inner “something” which is me. I have been hurt many times, but I manage to pick up the pieces and go on because there are many things which have true meaning and value to me and I care what happens to those ideals and values. I have tried desperately to live my life with my fellowmen and I have tried to understand if my fellow-man wanted to be understood, because I cannot function in a society unless I am also understood. I am a mother, a grandmother, an ex-wife who with my once-upon-a-time-husband co-created a new world…our children who will take their place in the history of civilization. I am a name, which is my identity. The name may not be recognized in history but it is recognized by those who are my friends. This means I am alive, I do exist for a short while, I am something. This is what I am at this moment; tomorrow I may be different.

(c) Copyright Linda R. Bourgeois

2 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. We are unique. I am the sum of all my experiences. I cannot know exactly how you feel but I can try and understand. That’s the best I can do. I’ve picked up the pieces of me many times, and I’m a little proud of myself that I never even considered the opposite.


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