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Today I have a dental appointment…three new crowns. The prep work completed. Today is placing the crowns. I wonder why we have to lose our teeth as we grow older. Of course, some people do not, like my sister, but I have had so many root canals, crowns, bridges that my mouth should be propped open in my casket to show my teeth. However, there will be no  body because I have donated my body  to science. I will not need it anymore and the beetles already have enough to feed on. The students need bodies for practice and after I’m done with it, I think that letting them use it to help others is a good purpose for a worn out piece of equipment.

Perhaps this seems macabre. Death is a reality and the only way, I believe, that one can lead a full life is to accept that the day you are born you start dying and to accept death as the friend walking besides you. Nothing to fear if your life is in order every day and not just on Sunday’s.

5 thoughts on “Dentist

    • How did you appointment go today? and good for you for donating your body to science! I remind myself that this will help others have better medical care and hopefully find needed cures.


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