Team FREDNET tf(x) Lunar Rover Rendering.
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I have not written about Team FREDNET, The Open Space Society, Inc. (TFX) Most of this information appears on the Google Lunar X Prize Website for Team FREDNET. The content found here was  written by  Team FREDNET.

TF(X) has made a commitment to improve research, educational, and commercial access to the resources of Space through its diverse consortium of public and private Universities, non-profit, commercial, and personal volunteer contributors. The long-range goals of the project are to (1) foster collaboration toward developing a catalog of spacecraft and mission components, thereby reducing the cost of access to Space (Earth orbit, lunar surface, and beyond), (2) improve education and research opportunities at all levels through public education and outreach programs, (3) inspire a new generation of technologists, scientists, and engineers through the continuing development of a participatory open lunar mission which continues to inspire our young volunteers to a growing interest in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.

How will the nation and our economy benefit from donating to Team FREDNET.  With TF(X) strong roots in the aerospace and high-tech communities of Huntsville Alabama, Silicon Valley California, Mojave California, our working relationships with multiple NASA centers (Johnson Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, Ames Research Center), and our broad international volunteer participation (over 500 volunteers from more than 60 countries), TF(X) is uniquely positioned to spur the private Space Industry through developments such as its Open Robotics Research and Development Institute. The aforementioned institutes shall enable increased participation by providing essential facilities that allow our work to continue. Development of private robotics and Space programs creates a new industry that provides for rapid breakthroughs in technology which greatly boost our nation’s economy.

TF(X) is seeking funding from a variety of public-private partnerships that will enable us to begin creating these facilities as centers for collaboration, research, education, and test beds for ongoing robotics research and development. Now in our fourth year of operation, TF(X) has been entirely funded by contributions from the Bourgeois family, small donations, and hundreds of volunteer donated time and efforts.

Please visit our webpage and give. Any amount is helpful. In the next segment, I promise to write the back story.

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