WordPress Bloggers

Bloggers, thank you.

I share my mornings with you as I drink my first cup of coffee. I think of you as friends…granted friends I may never meet, but friends. I read about the days of your life and feel a part of where you live because you make it  real to me. I think Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and all the other social media could go away and I would not miss it, but I would miss your stories.

My life seems dull. I could you write my daily life but it would be sort of like Fat Granny. Nothing moving. I understand we are given the freedom to create our days. I do not know anything other than walking, working in yard, reading and writing to talk about.

For example:

Yesterday…up at 4:45 a.m. Walked a mile. Made coffee. Ate a homemade bran muffin. Read WordPress blogs. Yard work until 8 a.m.



Mass at 5:30. Homily on “Air”.

Met the new curator of The Museum of Art. Nice lad from Vermont. Arrived here on Friday.



Called my sister at 7 p.m…….a ritual performed every day to hear what she did during her day.

Called my sister-in-law…


To Bed.

No Dreams recalled.


Have finished the blogs. I wonder what their day will be like.


Ditto for every day except the Mass.

Should I write this every day?

I was  very active when younger. Is this part of preparing for death…the slowing down. The thinking about the past and how life was lived.

A professor advised us, when thinking about a dissertation topic: look for the sheep without a shepherd. I found a group of Native Americans without a shepherd…those who were preparing for a terminal degree. They are so few that this group does not reflect in the literature….04 percent.

My photo…not so good…represents sheep with a shepherd. That is what I like to think I became for that small group of Native Americans in search of a terminal degree.

Well, that was a huge deviation.




5 thoughts on “WordPress Bloggers

  1. Many people would find my life dull too. I used to be active … social, but that phase of my life is over. We do pretty much the same things every day. Sometimes I’m lucky with the photography … maybe I see some bird. In the evenings, we watch TV. That’s another thing I wouldn’t miss, were it to go away.


  2. Your life seems so active and full. I find myself wondering what you will do next. Funny how I feel I really know you because I read what you say every day. I don’t even speak to my few friends every day.


    1. I lack energy … big time. I force myself to do whatever I do. While Gerry was in France, I’d planned to do so much walking and all that … did nothing. Okay, the weather was terrible, but that’s just an excuse.

      I try to be, at least a little bit, personal in my blogs and sometimes more in comments. That’s the fun part of it, I think … this type of ‘social blogging’ or whatever.. you meet people.


  3. Your typical day sounds like heaven to me. My life is very busy but it’s filled with a stressful job, chores, traffic and errands. I guess the grass is always greener…


    1. Yes, the grass is always greener…remember your age well when it was always busy, busy, busy….wished for time to rest…life passes so quickly…enjoy the chores, traffic, errands and try to unstress the job situation.


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