Lightning Bugs

Tonight I saw the first lightning bug for the spring/summer. Some call them fireflies.

Perhaps it has been to hot for the poor things to come out. They are such neat creatures of the night…blinking on and off as they go merrily on their way to the Night Ball, searching for their mate.

As a child we caught lightning bugs and put them in a glass jar. Daddy poked holes in the metal top with a nail and hammer. We would put a few leaves and a little water in the jar. We enjoyed looking at them and Mother always had us open the jar before going to bed so they could fly back to searching for their mate. Those that flash on and off are males trying to attract females who perch on the ground. Reminds me of males with flashy cars driving around searching for females…lol.

I wonder if children catch lightning bugs any more?

A really neat webpage:

2 thoughts on “Lightning Bugs

  1. Fire flies … that was another thing I never believed I’d see in real life! I had read about them in books.
    While we lived in QC, we had a pool. I swam a lot at night, and the fire flies were out. It was truly amazing… and now I know a little more about them 🙂


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