Clipper butterfly
Image via Wikipedia


Fragile, frail butterfly

Winging its way

From flower to flower

Beautiful butterfly

Shy butterfly

Brightening every place

It rests.


Fragile, frail me

Selecting my road

From here to there

Uniquely me

Unassuming me

Observing every place

I rest.


Fragile, frail world

Turning in circles

From sun to sun

Beautiful world

Delicate world

Bringing every where

Life rest.


Fragile, frail balance

Shifting the weight

From people to nature

Delicate balance

Obtained unnoticed

By God.

(c) copyright 1977

6 thoughts on “Fragile

    1. Thank you. I do love butterflies. This one is unique…and the one I saw when the Vet was sending my dog away….this butterfly appeared….I have never seen another one like this again.


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