WWII Earlier

My brother-in-law lied about his age and joined the Marines. He served in Okinawa.

He remembers those long days. His stories are best left for him to tell, except one.

The war was over but the word had not reached where he was. He and his two buddies spent their last night listening to a soldier from the other side dying;  to go out of their foxhole meant being shot and not returning.

They were the last three Americans left on Okinawa.

We are proud of him; he is steadfast, hard-working, non assuming….he has lived a life serving his country…first as a soldier and then as a teacher. Many of his students have kept in contact with him over the years. He never tired of trying to make sure they were the best they could be.

Now retired…84…he works in his garden every day. He reads the book and watches the movie Pearl Harbor…and, he watches old western movies.  True Grit is one of his favorites along with Lonesome Dove.

His one true passion was coon hunting. He bred and raised coon hounds. Served as President of the National Coon Hunters Association and is still active in the organization.

These WWII guys…if you don’t know one…go out and find one. They have so much to teach us. Perhaps they were all cowboys at heart!

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