Two Uncles and a First Cousin

Maternal Uncles who also served. I could not find a photo of the older brother in uniform, however, he was stationed in New York to guard prisoners (updated info from his daughter). He always picked on me for driving Toyota‘s!

He became well known for his white oak baskets traveling far and wide…presidents have them; Brooke Shields has one; Alex Haley…my uncle never met a stranger and never missed telling a story. His delightful wife, my aunt, was his constant companion. She made pine needle baskets which were delicate and pretty. Sadly, they are both gone now.

The younger one, who was also the youngest in the family served in Okinawa. I do not know what branch of service. I find this sad that I remember so few details. It means more now to me than it did when I was growing up. I will make sure I find out and update this entry.

My first cousin served in the Korean war in the Air Force Medical Corps (updated info from his sister).  He was never the same when he came back. We lost touch with him and he died in Oklahoma. I remember him as a gentle cousin, raised by his grandparents…my father’s parents.

My father’s youngest sisters husband was in the U.S. Army and served in the south Pacific during World War II. My father’s brothers son was in the U. S. Navy and served in the Korean Conflict (info from my first cousin on my father’s side of the family)…and this cousins husband was in the U. S. Navy and served four years mostly in Hawaii.

I hope to revisit this new information with photos and some stories about the ones I have mentioned here today.


2 thoughts on “Two Uncles and a First Cousin

  1. Such a lovely tribute you offer by acknowledging these people and the part they played by serving in the armed forces. I hope you are able to gather more information and keep writing about these people. Wonderful stuff!


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