Today is the birthday of my sister-in-laws mom. She died on April 3, 2003 on one of her grandsons birthday. She was a lovely lady. She moved from her home to live next door to her daughter and my brother. It was a small town and I often wondered how she adjusted so well to such a huge change. She did so with grace and dignity. I don’t remember her complaining. I do remember her allergies which seemed much worse than those of us who grew up in the area. She restored an old home and made it beautiful. Her daughter now lives there and one of her sons lives in the home she and my brother shared. This seems a natural progression. Sharing the collected memories through things our mothers loved.

One thought on “Mother-in-laws

  1. Hey… Glad you’re still keeping the blog up.

    She sounds like a really nice lady. It’s lovely that her kids now live in the homes. I’m glad that my brother has been able to keep our home … it sounded a little iffy for a while, but I think he’s there for good now. His ex-wife has moved in upstairs [where I used to live].


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