Death and Taxes Part Two

The Roman Empire in 125 under emperor Hadrian....
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Taxes are certain; one way or the other IRS is going to collect…Jesus judiciously answered the Romans: “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and give unto God that which is God’s”.

We pay our taxes and wonder where the money goes. Our government is bankrupt; our politicians corrupted  by power and greed. The deficit keeps growing. The great Roman Empire fell. Perhaps we should send the history of Rome along with our Tax return with a stipulation that all politicians must read the account. They don’t seem to understand a simple mathematical equation. If you spend more than you earn you are in trouble.

Death is a topic that is usually skirted. No one seems to want to face the inevitable. When we are born we begin to die. It is a fact. What we choose to do in between is up to us.

In the time in between, we all die small deaths.

Divorce is a form of death. It is death of a relationship. It is also a new beginning.

Death of our health, if we were born healthy, and choose not to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are those who were not born healthy. They were not given that choice. A new beginning. We must now constantly fight whatever has taken its toll on our body.

End of eras are deaths and new beginnings.

Going to school signals the end of being the last child home or the stage of not being at home. A new beginning. Our world expands exponentially.

Graduation from high school. The end of teenage years and the beginning of adulthood. We make many choices at the end of this era. New beginnings. The possibilities limited only by what you can dream.

Choosing to drop out of school. End of an era. Long ago many young people had to drop out to help on the family farm and years later they went back to finish what they started. New beginnings and endings.

College, jobs:  New beginnings and endings.

Moving from place to place: endings, beginnings.

Retiring. End of “going out” to work. If work is all you know, sometimes this transition is difficult. However, it also is a new beginning. The world shrinks to being at home again, however, it gives time for reflection on your life. What you did. What you failed to do. The choices you made and hopefully conclude that it was a life of contributing, giving, doing and making the world a better place…a life well lived… Knowing that riches were not measured in dollar amounts. Smiles on faces cannot be measured in dollars…money can make life easier but cannot make us happy without the other ingredients of a life well lived.

Death then is simply a new beginning. We “go out” from this life to another. Whatever that life is I think it is beautiful.

If one does not believe in life after death, that is a choice as well, and a gamble. I choose to gamble that there is life after death and if I am wrong….well.. I will not know, will I?

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