Crab Apple Tree

While waiting for the Super Moon, I thought I would take a photo of the crab apple tree in the late afternoon light. This photo does not show the beauty of the soft pink blooms so I will try again tomorrow.

Today was an alone day. I don’t think I was lonely, simply alone and thinking of days long ago.

I decided to plant radishes, lettuce, carrots and cucumbers. I had already planted a potato on St. Patrick’s day for good luck. Perhaps I will have some fresh vegetables from my own garden. I have not tried this before.

The red germanium looks perky at the front entrance. The fern made it pop. Perhaps a photo tomorrow.

I was going to write every day, but my sister came on St. Patrick’s day and I did not feel like writing anything. Nor did I want to write anything yesterday. So I will take the badge down and write only when I feel like I have something to say.


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