My son sent me an email from his Droid 3 hours ago. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area and has a home overlooking the beach in Santa Cruz county. He was brief with the barest details….Tsunami warning with the times for CA.

Tsunamis are such scary things.

My daughter lives in the Boston area. Haven’t heard whether it is flooding around her home as yet are not. I know there is a small river behind her house.

And, I have a couple of dear friends in Hawaii. I hope that they are safe as well.

I am sure that most of us in the WordPress community have friends in all these places so let us spend time  thinking  of those facing danger around the world…earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wars…

One thought on “Tsunami

  1. Yes, I’ve watched this unfold since I got up this morning. It was with the same feeling of disbelief and surreal as Christmas Day 2004. Sweden lost 800 people in that one. My heart goes out to all the people in the affected areas …


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