spirit in the sky
Image by JKönig via Flickr


I watched you go

Without tears.

Knowing that I’d

Never know you.

Never know the wonder of your embrace,

Never know your

Inner thoughts,




Only knowing that here was courage and


Only knowing that you

Are my friend.


You’ll never know how much

Courage it took for me to stand and

Watch you go without

Crying out…

Look at me,

I need you…

How calm my outward appearance…

What storm beneath

The surface…

Such beating of high tides

Against the barren beach.


If you knew what my inner turmoil was,

You remained silent…

Wild and free…

So, I tried to say little

So I would not say too much.


I spoke to you as I’ve

Spoken to no one else,

I shared with you all

My dreams and fears,

You gave me strength,

And hope and love

You gave me courage

To face new days.


I longed for you, unbelievable


You made me laugh, you dried

My tears…

You listened but never


You never once committed

Yourself, nor should you…

I knew you cared.

(c) 1972


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