Fat Granny

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Well, Fat Granny is back. I watch what I eat. I don’t write it down and I still weigh the same. I am taking Tai Chi so I think my balance is better. With the weather resembling spring at times, I will be walking and perhaps the weight will melt off like the icicles. I ate all that greasy fried food in the MS Delta and it sure sticks to you. So, if I put it there by eating the junk, then I am responsible enough to make sure I eat correctly to remove the stuck on fat cells.


Eating organic is great but would be better if I grew my own. I don’t know if I trust what I read anymore.


3 thoughts on “Fat Granny

  1. I used to have it so easy … if I noticed that I’d gained a little, taking it off was no problem. Now, this last year I see how much more difficult it has become. I guess my metabolism has slowed down or something … with Spring and Summer in the offing, I’ll move around a little more, start taking walks..


    1. Now is the time to take it off while you are young. I did not gain until my late 60’s and now I am having a real hard time losing.

      I have been taking tai chi 5 times a week for an hour each time. Next week I am adding an exercise routine at a place called Studio 60.

      Eating…I eat as much organic as I can and try not to eat any red meat; nothing is moving!


      1. Yes. In my case it’s all about lack of exercise. I think my diet is really well balanced and there’s nothing obvious that I can remove. Before I moved here, to North America, I used to walk to work every day. That meant a total of one hours’ brisk walk every day! Now I drag myself from the couch out to the car. This has to change … as soon as Spring comes.


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