Today is an anniversary of sorts. After seven years of being single and with my daughter a senior in high school, I decided on the spur of the moment to marry a second time on this day at about this time to get married. The guy had asked me many times so not wanting to spend my old age alone I thought “Why not?”

After a brief call to him at work, I dressed in my best khaki pants and blue shirt and was ready for a trip to Georgia where one could get a license and get married all in a day. I said to my daughter before she left for school, “I may get married today.” She did not comment, that I remember.

He picked me up and on our way to Georgia I had this sinking feeling that I was once again making a horrible mistake. We arrived in this small Georgia town and stopped at McDonald’s so I could get up my courage to get the blood test. Finally, I did get the blood test and then had to wait for the judge to get back from lunch. We waited in the courthouse.

In the bathroom, I met this young girl and asked her if her mother knew she was getting married and she said “no, does yours?” which was funny since I was in my 50’s but I replied “no” and went on to explain she did not like the person I had chosen to marry.

The judge had this sing-song voice and kinda sung the standard vows. Afterwards we  were given a bag that contained goodies from the local businesses: soap, tide, toothpaste, kleenex, etc. I thought it was rather funny. We went back to McDonald’s to have a sandwich.

After arriving back in town, he went back to work and I had  ironing to finish. When my daughter arrived home from school I was ironing and she asked if I had gotten married and I said I had. She wanted to know where he was and I said he was at work and would be going back to his  house after work.

It was that strange kind of none marriage. I had a home; he had a home. He moved in briefly for six months when he sold his house and then he bought a farm thirty miles from town where he spent his time and I continued in my own home where I am today.

He purchased for me one outfit; in the six months he lived in my home, he paid the utilities one time and the house payment one time. I purchased the groceries and everything else. He was a scientist with the federal government and was very intelligent. I don’t know why he wanted to get married and never resolved that question in the 23 years I remained married to him.

It was not worth the effort to get a divorce because I knew I would never trust another male and would never have another relationship and it was only when he got into trouble with IRS that I knew I had to get out. We had never filed taxes together; at least I was that smart.

So there were no cross words; like the marriage experience we met in an attorney’s office and decided that he would keep whatever was his and I would keep what was mine. He would pay for my health insurance and we were done.

He has been honorable  always paying for my health insurance and for that I am thankful. The first marriage gave me my two wonderful children. My second, insurance coverage. All in all, a good life.

The moral of the story is that always listen to your mom.

4 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Very entertaining reading 🙂
    Yes, about listen to your mum. I should have done that the first time …and I did have that gnawing feeling somewhere deep within, but I silenced it and went through with the marriage. It turned out to be a big disaster, but on the other hand … I don’t think there’s any right or wrong here. Perhaps I needed that learning experience?!
    The second time she wasn’t even aware of, so there she didn’t say anything.

    Where did the actual blood sampling take place and who analysed it?

    My first marriage took place in a courthouse and the last one in the church back home. Now I’m not married … we’re ‘common law’ or whatever it’s called… works fine 🙂


    • The blood sampling took place in a little clinic next door to the Courthouse in Trenton, GA. They did a booming business. Don’t know how they analyzed it, or even if they did.

      My first marriage was the standard hour long mass in a Roman Catholic church in Jackson, MS. He married soon after our divorce to a young person 6 years older than our son. So, I got traded for a younger version.

      I have lots of friends that are “common law”…I think that perhaps this is best. In looking back I could have saved myself a lot of grief if I had chosen that route.


      • What is the real reason for the blood sampling? Is it to see if the couple is compatible in order to have children or what?!

        I think, in our case, things with the immigrations would have been a little easier had we chosen to get married. Just thought three times were enough..


        • I think the blood sampling was to make certain we did not have any communicable disease…I was to old to have any more children which was a blessing.

          Three times, I hear, is the charm! I’m just not up for trying.


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