Do you forget

Do you forget

Promises made

Words spoken

In dim hallways?

Can you forgive

Mend and repair

Hearts broken

Without a care?

Will you remember

In days to come

How it all ended

Before it begun?

Try to forget

Promises made

Words spoken

In dim hallways

(c) copyright 1970

3 thoughts on “Do you forget

  1. I really liked this one. Is this newly written? It brings up the concept of «forgive & forget», which is something I’ve always had difficulties with.

    In all my life, I’ve written ONE poem. I was never into that, but somehow, one afternoon I just had to give it a go. Last night, I thought of it, and amazingly enough, I found it in an old blog that I had stored away somewhere.


    1. Yes. It was written yesterday. The words just came as it is with all of the things I may just be sitting still with no thoughts about anything and then, I pick up a pen and write. Whatever I get is what it is. Some are good; some just thoughts. I keep all of them thinking maybe someday I can build from that point.

      Thank you for liking this one. I can forgive; takes longer to forget.


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