A Rant

Did not post yesterday. Was totally uninspired. Tried to learn how to upload photos to my blog but I swear this is the most difficult blogging site I have ever encountered.

I may move everything from here to someplace else that is more user-friendly.

One person has looked at my blog. I think that is fine. I write to suit myself and not for anyone else. If they find this blog, fine. If not, that is o.k. as well.

I had hoped to write the great American novel when I was young. After reading some of the more recently acclaimed novels I am not so sure that I would want to write and be acclaimed because I found those same novels boring.

What happened to the great writers of yesteryear? Probably buried under all the blogs.


3 thoughts on “A Rant

    1. Thank you for your offer to help. As you can see, I finally learned how to upload and insert a photo. There is a learning curve. Will keep your offer because I am sure I will be ranting about something else as time goes on!


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