A fictional place from the deep recesses of my brain.

As the night ended, Po watched the sun rising above Purpleborough Hill. He would call his little circus people together and ask them how they would like to take a trip. He knew that the night before had been only a vision, a dream of what could be if all his little circus people would help this Team with their skills, their laughter.

So, after feeding the farm animals, Po called all the little circus people together. He asked them if the circus train was ready for travel and they assured him that all the repairs were made. They sounded excited. Were they going to take a trip? This was their off season for performing so where was Po taking them?

Po explained how they had all seen the same vision the night before and he thought that they must go and help this Team win the prize. He had studied the Team’s background on his little iBook and had found that this Team welcomed everyone, therefore he thought that the little circus people would be accepted. He explained all this to them and even though they were afraid because in the past the other Clown without Greasepaint had made fun of them and their little circus train as well as where they lived…way up on Purpleborough Hill…but maybe this time it would be different. They talked all morning about making this effort and decided that they must go…this Team sounded as if they would welcome them and they did have some useful skills to give.

That night they packed the little circus train in preparation for leaving the next day and then fell fast asleep. Po looked into the sky and whispered to the wind: We’re going to make a difference. There is a reason we had this vision. We will go. They will see.

Moon View from Purpleborough

The little circus people all stare into the night sky. There is something streaming through the sky. They call Po to read what they see and he says, “Ask not what your planet can do for you but ask what you can do for your planet,” and he says to his little circus people, “Remember we helped to build that rover…see we painted on the side ‘One People, One Planet'”.

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