Path of Social Change

Cycles of the Path of Social Change


Early Years
Feelings Engendered
Cycle Continues
We All Participate

I teach what I was taught; parent the way I was parented. What is normal? What are the Gender issues?

Cultural Space for each Identity

The ABC Approach

A.Affirming Identity
Students need to see themselves reflected in the environment around them – in the curriculum, faculty, staff, and the faces of their classmates – to avoid feelings of invisibility or marginality that can undermine student success. Welcome New Students. How do we affirm all the identities of everyone?

B.Building Community
Ask these questions:
1. Who is reflected in our environment?
2. Who is missing from the pictures?
3. What opportunities exist for building community?
4. What opportunities exist for encouraging dialogue across differences?

C.Cultivating Leadership
1. Requires opportunities to practice.
2. How are students, faculty, staff involved so that they are honing leadership skills in a diverse context?

Felt, found, and feel.
Embracing Diversity
Teaching Tolerance
Break the Cycle

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