life without an eraser

i have often wished i could have lived my life as a pencil with an eraser however life is lived without an eraser and that precludes a redo as we could with the wrong answer to a math problem there is no taking back the words that ripple across the winds of life through the leaves and on into the clouds to forever hang there saying oh yes you did say that with thoughts it is somewhat different but oftentimes thoughts will manifest in actions when least expected now in the last one-quarter of my life if i am lucky i am trying to imagine the eraser missing on the pencil before speaking it helps in thinking about erasers i can remember sometimes rubbing so hard a hole would appear in the place where the answer belonged and that meant starting all over no matter how hard we rub there is no hole to fall through and unlike alice there is no down the rabbit hole how curious it would be to see all our many words floating on a grand and glorious lake words we could capture and form into a word bouquet or words that we could make into kindling and burn yet the words only float there all mixed up the good the bad the unintended  erasers could be chewed on and spit out much like words they could be worn down to the metal  our words grate on the souls of the offended like metal or chalk scratching on a chalkboard screeching screaming silently through eternity words that are forever in memory words like you are attractive when you dress up or words said in a demented state yet hurtful you look just like your father words

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