VDM Publishing

Ever hear of this publishing company? Neither had I until one of their “authors”, if one could call copying wiki articles an author, copied Team FREDNET’s 124 page wiki without contacting anyone for permission.

It is a long story…traversing the pretend author publishing under one of VDM’s Imprints, Sess, and charging a very large amount for this information; then have Google Books, LLC offer the same book for sale while Team FREDNET was still an active Team in the Google Lunar XPrize  competition. TF only signed Master Team Agreement 3.1 mainly because of Media Rights in the follow up MTA’S.

Does this constitute copyright infringement? It all depends on the interpretation of the Creative Commons License CY-BY-SA.

I, for one, think that this company did so, however, that is not a legal opinion. I would advise against using a CC License, because there are folk out there who can and will take your work and publish without your knowledge.

I found all of this by accident and have spent days researching what can be done now since this happened in 2011.

I would recommend always placing your own copyright on your material. I am going in here on WP to change mine….I found purpleborough, just not a book yet.

Want to check it out: plug in Team Frednet, Google Books and see for yourself.


Read This First…My Covenant to You

While on a rather short sabbatical, I made some decisions.

1. I will follow the people who write comments.

2. I will comment on blogs when I have something intelligent to say or something to share.

3. I will not click the Like button.

4. I removed the Like button from this blog.

5. Sometimes you may have nothing to say, however, you Like what I wrote……….soooooooo go to the comment block and put in a happy face or a check mark. I do not care what, as long as you keep that finger off the Like button.

6. I Promise Faithfully I will not click that hateful button, which no one understands, on your blog.

7. If I Like your post and have nothing to say, I will put in my mark!

8. Humans are losing the ability to communicate intelligently, therefore, on this blog please comment or put your “x” in the comment block and move on. Life is too short to care.

9. For those who have photo blogs, I will at least write one word.

10. Whether you like my rules or not, it is my blog, therefore, if you do not like the rules, then I suggest you follow someone else.

This blog has never been about followers, comments, Likes; this blog and the grumpy old lady who writes would interact with five BLOGGERS with some caring sense of who and what their life is about than to have a million followers and know none!

Will I be back after this? When I have something I wish to share with that invisible world out there.