Time to Dress but not for Tai Chi but for the Master

It is time to dress. Coffee made and consumed. Sugar cookies made for a good nutritious breakfast. It is time to dress…and go.

There will be mostly people I do not know. Just the Tai Chi students. I wonder about the tradition of  funerals. Memorials, yes. If we, the people who knew him as a good man as well as a good christian, can we not assume that he is in a better place. He was so unhappy here for the last few weeks and was ready to go, so I wonder why we mourn.

I am going to celebrate the life I knew and loved; to give back a little of my time to say thank you for passing through my life on your journey. The contribution is not measurable.

And so, I dress….

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Death and Fog

Death, like fog, comes in on little cat feet.

It observes. Sees that this life has finished the tasks set by the Maker.

Looking mournfully over friends and family, it takes this one and leaves silently, moving on.



The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Carl Sandburg

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A Gathering with a lot of unknown people

This has been an eventful week. I attended a gathering of family and friends of residents at The Country Cottage. This was on Tuesday. I received the email for the daughter but failed to read same. Therefore, I arrived with a gift and not food. My friend was as confused as I, however, the staff was nice and said it was o.k. that I did not bring any food and to give the gift to my friend, since she liked what I brought. It was all rather embarrassing. I have lovely photos and will try to sync my phone to this p.c. so I can show them or use the iPad to share the photos.

On this Tuesday, my Tai Chi Teacher and friend died, however, I did not hear about it until the next night.

Wednesday I had Christmas at school with my little 5th grade students. I did not try to keep them quiet; they could do whatever they wanted to do, within reason.

They smashed their Hershey’s cherry kisses cause they were soft. We left the room rather sticky! I never take photos of them…I think it is a privacy issue for me. They are not my children and I do not have permission to show their photos.

Ann called to let me know that Bob died. I had said to her approximately 2 months ago that he would not “make” it. She said: “I hope you are wrong.”

I said: “I hope so, too. However, this seeing of me has never failed.” I wish I had been wrong.”

Today I had a non-Christmas party for a few neighbors and friends or just friends who happen to be neighbors, however four had to drive to get here. This event deserves a blog post of it’s own with photos. Therefore, it will have to wait.

And, lastly, as I go off to bed to go to sleep or not, tomorrow I say God Speed to a friend.

Funny, I did not talk with my sister much last night. She had to make 24 numbers. That, too, could be a story, if I decide to tell it.

Hope your week was filled with “things”; things of joy and things of sorrow. It takes both to learn the lessons of life. I do not hope that you had a death…just maybe a little sorrow to even out, to make the joy more joyful.


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Before Christmas there is Thanksgiving

This year I spent Thanksgiving in Mississippi with my sister and her husband. I had been informed that we would eat Thanksgiving Dinner at Cracker Barrel. They, my sister and her husband, love Cracker Barrel. I am not a fan, as such, but I was their guest, so Cracker Barrel it was.

Thanksgiving morning arrived and I thought we should leave early. Cracker Barrel always seems to be crowded but my brother-in-law, a WWII vet and turning 88 on November 23, said we would leave at 11:30, so that was that. You just do not cross a marine.

We arrived to find that not only was the parking lot full but also the bank’s next door and several other businesses. The crowd was enjoying the warm sunny day chatting with each other with the line wrapping all around the building.

My brother-in-law said: “I am not going to stand in that line for 2 hours to eat. We are going somewhere else.”

I said: “That is a good idea. I saw a Waffle House open a little ways back and I love Waffle House.”

My sister chimed in and said: “I do, too.”

My brother-in-law agreed so off we went to the Waffle House. We had a delicious breakfast. Only two other people were present, therefore, the service was excellent!

We had turnip greens and corn bread for dinner (well dinner to me and supper to them).

A good time was had by all on Thanksgiving………….remember that old saying?

On Sunday, however, we went back to the Cracker Barrel and had Sunday lunch/dinner, whatever you call the meal in the middle of the day.

I thought Waffle House was better.

I made photos of other places with my new iPhone 6+, however, it has not yet been synced with this p.c.



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Guardian Angel

Guardin Angel

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Today one of my fifth grade students, who was being punished for leaving without being dismissed on another day, drew me a photo of his guardian angel. It was beautiful, drawn in pencil on notebook paper. I shall scan it in later to show you.

He is a beautiful child with marvelous brown eyes of Indian descent, I think (from India). He sometimes speaks of his grandmother who lives with them.

I think they all look at me as their “other” grandmother. I never many or any problems with them.

I think my life would have been different had I taught elementary education rather than the high school students. Their little lives can be shaped; they soak up information. They all have such different personalities; and strangely enough one can almost see those who seem to have the success qualities, the leaders, both good and bad.

In looking back on the lives of my childhood classmates, through this experience with these children, I can see many things I did not see until now. I was on a collision course with nonconformist ideas and actions. Would that a teacher had cared enough to maybe point me in a different direction, however, maybe this was my destiny.

My guardian angel, Uriel, must have been very ,very busy keeping up with me!
Do you know your guardian angel?

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Perhaps I forgot to tell you, I got scammed this summer; paid $200 down to a self-appointed landscaper. He said “you will not have to pay me anything else until the job is finished.”

A week later he asks for $600 to pay laborers to help him.

Sanity walked out; stupidity walked in and I wrote him a check for $600.

I have never seen a job/yard look so bad. The tilling was very lumpy. I said it is to dry to try to till but every area got lumped up like a cotton field. He was an arrogant sort; knew everything and surely was smart at scamming little old ladies.

I called him in for a chat; asked for $300 back because I had spent hours chronicling the hours he had worked(said he got $15 an hour) and came up with this figure being very generous with time. He had said I did not have to pay until I was happy. Stupidity believed him.

He took down my address and wrote the number (300) and said I would get this within the week since I was so unhappy. ( how had he found me every day he chose to come?)

Stupidity believed this as well. Two weeks later sanity returned and a letter went out to his last known address with parameters spelled out.

Scammers disappear.

I hired young high school fellows and we tried to fix the mess. Finally yesterday we finished under the bedroom window.

The plants only cost $200+; I have not kept up with all I have paid but this I do know; this will be one expensive make over having lost $800. Up front!

I am embarrassed by my stupidly in missing that red flag.

Will upload from my phone images to let you see what we have finished so far.


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